Yes, though one might find it hard to believe after my last foray into reclaiming the stage, I’m hitting it again in my new, improved and sans-the-idiot-tech-guy show, Allee Willis’ Super Ball Bounce Back Review!  Two nights only, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 & 9 at King King in Hollywood. Lots of music, visual treats, stories, dance, games, all the hi-art-meets-kitsch mayhem you know me for PLUS MORE!!  And many things I’ve never attempted before. And did I mention prizes? So I hope I see you at Allee Willis’ Super Ball Bounce Back Review May 8 or 9 at King King!


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2 Responses to “Yes, I’m back!! LIVE, for 2 nights only!!”

  1. Sally

    YAAAY! YAAAY! You’re back! Me too! Life has been busy and complicated, but I’m GOOD! And I’m SO EXCITED about the upcoming show. Allee, Allee, you gotta give us ‘workin’ girls’ a break here and schedule these FABULOUS events on weekEND days! I have been rendered ‘vacation-time-depleted’ at this moment due to above-mentioned …complicated life. So will need to ‘strategize’ about how to do this but I WILL BE THERE!

    Funny about ‘tech’ people; there are two kinds. One kind creates for you a life that is so SIMPLE and works so well, that it’s just effortless, and the other kind, not so much. Love You! See you in May! .Sally

    • Allee

      Yes, i hope I see you there! And don’t get me started on this tech person. Talk about gumming up the works…. (and he was chewing gum the whole time. Not exactly great stage presence either.)