5 Responses to “THE COLOR PURPLE coming back to LA. Feb. 10-28”

  1. Janet Childress

    Yea for you Allee. That’s awesome.

    Your work still entertaining people.

    Putting a smile on their faces and yours.

    Great pic of you. If I lived in Cal. I’d be there.

    Have a great time.


  2. EG

    This week in TIME magazine Lily Tomlin pointed to your site. Thank you Lily!!

    I had no knowledge of you, just your work. And now your site. Musicals, music, art, spirit… Ditto to everyone who says they love you. I can see why.

    So from me, a new fan (and a 1959 baby myself), thanks for being all rather than a smidgen of who you are. Simply super.

    • Allee

      Thank you, EG! Now I hope you go in and registered to be at AWMOK.com. This blog is a mere slice of what awaits there. And thank you again for having excellent taste.