2 Responses to “Some info re the conference I’m speaking at in Detroit on April 7th”

  1. Sally

    Oooooo, Allee……! Sounds like everyone is getting warmed up and amped up for you visit. Good fortune with all your planning and preparation.

    How is your knee doing? All (mostly?) well now, right??

    Sounds like very interesting discussions happening at this conference. Amazing how art, in whatever form, reaches everyone. Whether or not people have a bunch of money, whether or not people can speak each other’s language, whether or not people have physical or emotional disabilities, no matter what…. everyone appreciates a more beautiful world. Finally people are seeing what we’ve known forever, art reaches out, touches and unites people. We need more unity these days. And here you are, in a prime position to be ‘tour guide’ on a journey towards a more artistic, creative world. GO FOR IT, GIRL! Lead us all to more beauty!

  2. Allee

    I’ve been obsessed with this topic since I began writing songs. Unless I had no control over the lyric, ultimately my songs were about living an artful life and doing whatever you can to make sure you’re living a great one. The more someone can see things through an artist’s eyes, the more interesting, nurturing and beautiful everything is. When I first tried to design a social network in 1992 it was all about trying to design an artful living space as opposed to one dictated by business and technology. Another strikeout for the artist but we keep on keepin’ on!