Autographed in lipstick by Annette, one of my earliest star obsessions and with whom I shared much chocolate milk watching after school every day, this portrait has long been one of the most cherished renderings in my kitsch likeness collection. I found it laying face down in a puddle outside of a thriftshop in the pouring rain in the mid 80’s.

That big blotch of red  in the bottom left corner is a cut out of her actual lip print on cellophane. The lips were almost all there despite sitting in that puddle for God knows how many days, weeks, or months and held on for at least another 20 years until the sun pouring through the window smiling at them at my place everyday finally took it’s toll. Unfortunately, Annette and her lips finally lost their long battle with MD today.

Don’t know who Tony is but his heart had to have skipped a beat getting this autograph from Annette written entirely in Love That Red or whatever 50’s shade she wore.

The exact same lipstick as the lip print, gone but not entirely forgotten:

Just like Annette to whom ‘now it’s time to say goodbye…”. R.I.P….


5 Responses to “R.I. P. Annette…”

  1. Qat Girl

    Thank you for this great reminiscence, Allee! And for sharing this beautiful portrait.

  2. Ginger

    I wonder if Tony even realized he dropped the photo. Who in their right mind would deliberately throw out something like this?

  3. Aaron Marggraff

    I very rarely come onto websites and sign up for anything. Having said that, I’ve heard the name Allee Willis for years via different songs, etc. Never knew anything until I found some interviews of Allee today on Youtube. I’m a self-declared introvert, but WOW would I love to sit down and have lunch with this gal. I don’t think I’ve genuinely smiled like this in a long time. Allee has a stunning personality. What a cool character. Learning more about her is my new hobby. I’ve always loved to learn about people behind the music and this is VERY refreshing.

  4. Ana von Rebeur

    Hi Allee !!!! I am a writer, scriptwriter, journalist and cartoonist and a KITSCH FAN . I would love to register to your website but it doesnt accept any user name ! I am contacting you because I am your fan since I found your Museum. I myself am planning to do a Museum of Kitsch in Buenos Aires , and I invite you al to check my kitsch blog :

    Thank you for so much fun!!!!

    Ana von Rebeur
    [email protected]