Talking about my upcoming live show in LA, 5/8-9, as well as the unbelievably fantastic trip I just had to Detroit and my future plans there. Oh, Mary! show. 7-7:50pm PST.  The show will be archived at

BTW, the sandwich I’m pictured with above, The Boogaloo, is the single greatest sandwich I’ve ever tasted. If you live in Detroit, jump immediately in your car and go to the corner of Curtis and Wyoming. And tell Chef Greg that Allee sent you. (takeout only but sooooooooo worth it.)

2 Responses to “I’m on the radio LIVE tonight!”

  1. Mod Betty /

    Oh you’ve got to tell me what’s in a Boogaloo sandwich! It’s lunchtime here and I’m starving!

    Best of luck with the show! Hoping to catch up with you once the dust settles and we’re actually in your neck of the woods. So wish we could be there for the gig!