6 Responses to ““Editing Is Cool””

  1. MarieA

    This is super cool. I love the song and I love the video and together, oo la la!

    What a wonderful idea and how generous of your to share your process with the world.

    (Read about you on Salon.com)

  2. Booey

    I just finished watching the new video. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. Funny, philosophical, moving and entertaining. All that and Baaad Grooves. Perfect!

    As a writer myself, it is important to be reminded that it is often the bits you leave out that are as important as the bits you keep in.

    There is that old story about the ancient sculptor who has carved an amazing elephant. When asked how he could make a form so beautiful he smiled and said “simple – I get a huge block of stone and take away the bits that DON’T look like an elephant!”

    Brilliant fingering, indeed.

    Peace and Soul,

    Gary/Booey. x

  3. Robert Rozich

    Cool…love the upfront bass groove…thank you for the process.

    Editing is cool…

    I recently took on that to Be Now is to edit out everything that isn’t!

  4. kenyata stewart

    Real and chance you guys are the finest brother i have ever seen. You two are so halarious. Chance i am so happy you didn’t pick anyone.I think that you made a truthful desion, even though I think Risky could have been the one for you,you made a real choice.Keep following your heart. Real I wish you all the luck in the world in finding your special girl. ps I love your hair. ps chance you rocked the hell out of the mohawk!!

  5. Ludovicah

    Awesome song! Is that true you cant read or write music? You must be a total natural. How did you get the “break”? I understand how that is. I have a lot of things I am good at, but never knew how to get it out there where people would take it seriously..