One Response to “Blinging In September”

  1. Jack Jason


    I was invited as guests of Marla Garlin, Michael Patrick King and Craig Fisse. I LOVED your show! I had seen you at Marla’s parties but never got the guts to come up and introduce myself to the coolest looking person there. Now after seeing your show, I will make sure to do so next time. Your life deserves a Broadway show! Detroit City, white girl, African American soul, writing jingles and ad copy, quits her job and writes big hits. A jukebox musical that incorporates all of your story that you told tonight. I loved it. Anything music, I love. Growing up with deaf parents, it was the radio and TV that were my mom and dad and from where I learned to talk. In any case, I hope we meet face to face someday. You are so BOSS!