A friend just sent me this. It was on Ellen two years ago. 


I was just as upset as that woman when the song ended! 

Here’s the thing about “September”, my very first hit. People always smile when they talk about it. They always start to move when it comes on. They always FREAK OUT when they find out I co-wrote it. It makes me very happy to know my work hits people in a life enforcing way. That spirit is what’s at the heart of everything I create.

3 Responses to ““Badeya, Say do you remember…?””

  1. Phoenix Grey

    Well I came here to see your laundry chute mentioned on Facebook, and I do love the nautical theme, maybe because I was quite a swimmer in my younger days!

    But to find out now that Kitty was reacting to Tony changing the music from your song to something she obviously disliked bigtime, is hilarious! I was so happy when they tracked Kitty down! It took quite a while too!! LOL!!!

    A very interesting sidenote to one of my favorite Ellen audience members!

    Take care, Phoenix aka DM xox