I’m not sure what flavor of liquid came in this bottle but the Sweetie logo featuring an early ’50s extra-pert secretarial type sucking on a straw that looks more like a striped cigarette would have had me buying this drink no matter what it tasted like.  Beautifully designed with the concentric circles on the pyro-glazed logo echoing the raised flanges of glass above it, the aesthetic effects of this squat little 8″ Sweetie bottle would make anything taste good.


There had to have been at least two flavors of Sweetie soda as some of the bottles are only two colors with the red and white reversed in the graphics. I think Sweetie’s hairstyle is shown off far better in red.


Even with nothing in it the Sweetie bottle weighs over a pound. Which means that no matter what it tasted like Sweetie was one heavy drink!

Sweetie-soda_1914 Sweetie-soda_1916 Sweetie-soda_1919 Sweetie-soda_1918

2 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Vintage Sweetie Soda Bottle”

  1. Sheryl Bryant

    Allee, After a super stressful work day, only you and your blog could make “ooo” and “awe” over an old pop bottle. You point out all the interesting, cool, & unique things about it and make me take a 2nd look. Thanks. Sheryl Bryant

  2. Allee

    Thank you, Sheryl! There’s always more to see in everything than meets the eye on first glance.