I keep this vintage 1950’s rain hat tucked in my purse regardless of whether it’s raining like in the days of Noah’s Ark as it has been in LA for the past week. Hi fashion for water emergencies, this quintessentially color schemed packet is always there to cover my head and stretch a smile across my face because it’s so cute I don’t mind that the skies are breaking over my head.

My favorite thing about the hat is that it says the style is “Polka Dot Design”.


I don’t see any polka dots.  Do you?


This is actually a salesmens sample,  evident from the “Your Copy Here” text on the back. The Amsterdam Company that makes them better keep a closer eye on quality control before they turn out that many non-polkadotted Polka Dot Style 412-P’s.


7 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Vintage Fold-Up Rain Hat”

  1. danielle!

    i cannot wait to meet you one day so we can empty our purses out on the table and fawn over each others goodies!

  2. Allee

    That sounds great! Want to make sure you’ve also been to awmok.com, where there’s lots more contents that have been dumped out of purses.

  3. Allee

    @Vonciel – Very astute but I’d still be disappointed when I yanked the hat out of the case and the polkadots were nowhere to be found. I love that they might be describing the case though and not the actual hat.