The next revolution in sucking power after the Flex-Straw was this product that I made my mother stockpile so I’d never have less than a month’s supply. Though chocolate and strawberry were my favorite flavors, the success of mixing the flavor with the liquid you were drinking depended on the sucking power of your cheek muscles as the granules or whatever it was inside – some people remember it as a chemically soaked felt strip – oftentimes clumped leaving one with no other choice but to rip the straw open and dab bits on your tongue as you drank. Whatever the contents,  process or the amount of effort it took, I still enjoyed the personal power I felt over relieving myself of the tedium of milk.

flavr-straw-chocs_1708 flavr-straw-chocs_1709 flavr-straw-chocs_1713

4 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Better Than Flex-Straws: Vintage Flav-r Straws!”

  1. jack

    There is a company in Australia that makes something similar. They are pretty good. I never tried the original to compare though. Maybe you could try it and compare the two. Here is the company that makes them:


    P.S. Why is the price listed inside the package instead of outside?

  2. Allee

    Just checked out Sippahh. They have lots of nutty stuff with excellent Kitsch potential.

    One of my favorite things about these Flav-r Straws is where the price is printed, where no one can possibly see it until they go to use a straw or poison them for an unsuspecting customer. I meant to include that in what I wrote about it but had about 30 seconds to get the post up so am glad you caught that flub.

  3. mandy_Reeves

    These were sorta making a come back about a year or two ago! There was an oreo flavor… I think sipahh may have made them but sold them under a different company name in the states

    Weight Watchers had coffee flavor ones and chocolate too. They never sold well and were discontinued a month ago. Apparently lots of people complaining of sore cheek muscles and lesions due to having to suck so hard…OMG that sound perverse right?