tree bushes-on-building145

If ever there were a garden for 2010 with no water required, no gardening bills to pay and always picture perfect plumage on well-sculpted almost-topiary-but-without-the-cute-animals tree/bushes this would be it.

I love interspersing the rectangle tree with the ball trees. Thought was definitely put into the planning of this garden.

I also love tree arrangements when actual nature is involved. Here are a few from around LA that would go well with the excellent brick landscaping above.

tree_3612 A tree_3648 trees_8734 tree_4317 tree

All trees are beautiful. Bushes sculpted to look like trees are even more beautiful. Murals painted to look like sculpted trees and bushes are more beautiful still.


6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – The Ultimate Green Garden”

  1. Kathy Cunningham

    The long term effects of Miracle Gro or is that Soylent Green?
    Here comes the neighborhood…

  2. Kalika Stern

    Love those designed trees. And love that they’re real. About 30 years ago I heard that the highway department in LA sought to simplify their gardening job- and replaced foliage on certain roads and boulevards with plastic plants. No watering needed. Within a short time these plastic plants had lost their color- faded, and were caked and collecting sand and dirt. So they took them all out and planted real ones again. What a kitchy idea.

    • Allee

      I never knew about the plastic plants. Of course they would fade. Though I would’ve killed to have a photo of them!

  3. McKinley

    You are 100% correct! LA has some of the most artfully sculpted trees and topiary. I even have a couple on my property. The painted ones you have featured today on your blog are quite practical in all the ways you have suggested. My remaining question about those specimens though is: Did the creator use “green” paint? 🙂

    • Allee

      I’m sure the creator never even heard of “green” paint! Would love to see photos of the ones on your property.