The only thing I really understand about this game is that Shari Lewis and Lambchop have absolutely nothing to do with it beyond appearing on the cover.  Perfect on the Kitsch scale but less than satisfying as a “game” as there are no instructions enclosed (another excellent sign of Kitsch).  I guess you hold the cards up and try and get the answer but if you’re unsuccessful you place the cheap little piece of plastic with holes punched in it over the card and it miraculously reveals the answer.shari-lewis-gameME_2809

Although the Bar-Zim company of Jersey City, New Jersey managed to stuff about 30 cards into the compact little box, many of the edges look like they were hand cut.  Maybe the person in charge of cutting  got a little slaphappy and haphazard as his brain numbed from the monotony of the “game”.


This is the best way a celebrity appearing on a product or endorsing it can achieve Kitsch: Make sure the product has absolutely nothing to do with the celebrity, produce it in the cheapest way possible and don’t include any instructions. Kudos to Shari Lewis and Lambchop Magic Answer Cards for scoring a perfect 10 in all categories!

shari-lewis-game_2803 shari-lewis-game

3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop Magic Answer Cards”

  1. wayne

    i had the biggest crush on shari lewis – still do – and i was so glad i had the chance to meet her and show her my lambchop puppet

    while my wife is a brunette – i have a thing for redheads – with shari lewis – as a kid a adored linda kaye henning – she was betty jo on petticoat junction – she is still adorable – and of course ann-margret

    i have a few shari lewis things in my collection – need to dig them out and post them

  2. StoryTroy

    Indeed a terrible product.

    Perhaps worst of all is that Shari looks to have invited the less-beloved b-string fountain of sarcasm Charlie Horse along to promote it, leaving wholesome, sweet little Lamb Chop home in the sock drawer.

    I can just hear his put-upon drawl now… “Really, Shari? Words in holes? That sounds like 15 seconds of mild amusement.”

  3. Allee

    Wow, I looked at it so fast I took it for granted it WAS Lamb Chop! Now it’s even kitschier! We don’t even get Lamb Chop; we get Charlie The Horse who I never even heard of…