A friend sent this lookin-good-on-Sunday-for-church car to me so I have no details as to the who/what/where or when of it. But the how is that many folks, driven to the extreme, use their cars as a canvas upon which to paint their personalities for the world to see. I have shot photos of these vehicles for years and the confidence and power of self expressed in the drivers/creators is of such heavenly Kitsch proportions as to amaze me. I always consider myself blessed when I’m lucky enough to stop at a light behind them. 


8 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Rollin’ With God Car”

  1. StoryTroy

    Looks like the good Lord loves him some serious hot glue. I recall with wonder my first encounter with Dennis Woodruff, whose rolling self-promotional vehicles are the stuff of legend.

  2. Ludovicah

    Is that even legal?.. can you image the effect of that lot on the soft body of an unwary pedestrian? eep!

  3. Dana Berisha

    I can share with everyone that this guy driving the car adorned with all the chachkas and bible verses is located in Orlando, Florida. Unbelievably, I witness this guy almost daily making his way through an intersection heading Southbound on International Drive crossing Central Florida Parkway, which its corner hosts the location of Sea World theme park, and making an almost immediate u-turn, returning through the intersection Northbound and making another u-turn, and doing it over and over again for hours a day. Back and forth on a small stretch of International Drive. Apparently, he must be convinced that this intersection has huge visibility. This has been occurring for years now!

  4. Allee

    @Dana -Wow, thanks for that info. Living in Fla. explains how all that decoration stays in such good shape – though the sun must hit any kind of glue very hard. Amazing that this is happening right outside of Sea World. Makes it even more surreal. Thanks, Dana.

  5. windupkitty

    wow, cruisin the same strip day after day…gotta admire that….and well, despite your religious beliefs, you can’t argue about this guy having supremely good taste!

  6. Spydey

    I see that car often on my visits. Always roughly in the same area. Kind of near Sea World.