Anything that has Disco in the title is assured of shelf space at my place but the fact that the Pegtoy Corp. of Westport Connecticut calls this a “play style” means it gets a nice warm spot up front. With tiny little earplugs that might fit into the ears of an ant and a play cassette as thin as a communion wafer, this Disco Rock Radio has as much chance of actually emitting sound as a Pet Rock.

I especially love that the Disco Rock dancers look more like they’re doing the Riverdance than anything that might’ve gone on at Studio 54. I’m especially fond of the male dancers jumpsuit and high heel cowboy boots.

Disco-Rock-Radio_5066 Disco-Rock-Radio_5068 Disco-Rock-Radio_5070

One Response to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Play Style Disco Rock Radio”

  1. Kathy Cunningham

    So..this is Clearchannel’s secret arsenal for radio’s demise?
    Gee whiz! All these years I was thinking it was Reagen’s de-regulation and investment bankers!
    This IS a weapon of mass destruction, Allee!
    I hope it’s secure and out of reach!