Looking like he was baked by a south of the border blazing sun, this almost African American Elvis on velvet also has a semi-Oriental thing going on in one of his eyes. I never saw Elvis in a white shirt and denim jacket either so perhaps the artist’s concept was presenting the day worker King. It certainly is the equal opportunity Elvis of all Elvises on velvet. Green velvet no less to show off that gorgeous tone.

6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Mexican Elvis On Velvet”

  1. Ludovicah

    To a Weird Al fan like me All Velvet Elvises (Elviii?) are an object of great interest and amusement

    My life, it used to be incomplete
    ‘Till I saw what I was looking for at a drive-in swap meet
    My life it won’t be the same again
    Now I’m proud to say the king lives on inside my den

    Oh, it’s all I live for, it’s all I need
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis means the world to me

    Although he may not be worth much dough
    He means much more to me than some old Rembrandt or Van Gogh
    Check out those sideburns, there’s nothing greater
    You can tell that he’s no velvet Elvis imitator

    Oh, it’s all I live for, it’s all I need
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis
    Oh, now you can’t you see
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis
    My velvet Elvis means the world to me

    In my own private Graceland
    In my own little shrine to the king
    I don’t want nothin’ else
    No, I don’t need anything
    Don’t need no lava lamp
    Don’t need no soap on a rope
    No pictures of Mexican kids with those really big eyes
    Or dogs playing poker

    When I’m at home watching my TV
    I know the king is always looking down on me
    He looks so handsome, he stands so tall
    So glad he’s big enough to cover up that hole in the wall

    (Velvet Elvis) He’s so fuzzy
    (Velvet Elvis) He’s so great
    (Velvet Elvis) Never ages
    (Velvet Elvis) Never puts on weight
    (Velvet Elvis) Look at those rhinestones
    (Velvet Elvis) He’s just so fine
    (Velvet Elvis) You can look but don’t touch now
    (Velvet Elvis) ‘Cause he’s mine all mine


  2. Victory Tischler-Blue

    Did you get this for me? My birthday is coming up in September. THANK YOU!!! V xo

  3. Deli

    There’s a whole lotta Engelbert goin’ on in this painting too. Could it indeed be a… Velvelbert?! (Oy. That sounds like a Chasidic Sesame Street character…)

  4. windupkitty

    @Deli: I”M in tears! it’s about time we had a chasidic sesame street character! everyone knows that Oscar was a reform jew….as for this painting, could i love it more? i probably will every day…because that’s how true love is…..

  5. Deli

    In fact, I used to sit next to Oscar Grouchowitz in Hebrew School. He and I became fast friends when we discovered our mutual love for scouring local thrift shops and sidewalks on garbage day looking for fabulous finds. Jim Henson ‘discovered’ Oscar when he caught us going through some castoffs he left out on the sidewalk in front of his townhouse early one morning. I ran, and Oscar jumped into Jim’s garbage can in a futile attempt to hide. Henson was immediately inspired, and Oscar became a huge star – who parlayed his love of ‘trash’ into an amazing career… Go know!