It’s sweltering in LA today. I have a house full of people as I’m racing to finish the Pomplamoose video, two of my computers have broken down so 2 techs are here, the pool filter’s being fixed, some bees are being removed, my assistant at helping me pack to get ready to go up north to finish two more songs with Pomplamoose, my animator’s here and someone’s giving me an estimate on new mini blinds. Thank God no one came dressed like these guys…

This is by far one of the twerpiest LP covers ever. I don’t get the choice of how the letters were spaced across the chests. And why would a Polka group call themselves the Drifters? Especially as there’s already a classic group named The Drifters? Why are there two ‘D’s in Drifters? The only thing I see drifting is the waistline on those hideously wonderful Liza Minnelli-ish pantsuits of theirs.

3 Responses to “Allee Willis Kitsch O’ The Day – It’s very hot in LA today…”

  1. Patrick

    Well, Allee. Regarding those 2 “D’s” I notice there seems to be a dash mark following the first D. So either they are the “D Minus” Drifters, or perhaps the dash mark is supposed to indicate a stutter? Maybe it’s not a dash mark after all; perhaps he has a huge, misshapen mole?