I don’t know about you but there’s nothing that I’d like to see floating in my drink less than a set of teeth. Unless they’re these wonderful ice cubes that pop out of a rubbery bubblegum pink gums-colored tray right into the refreshment of your choice. I’ve even made them specifically for Bloody Mary’s where I put some crushed peppercorns in the water so it looks like the teeth have cavities while slowly seasoning your drink as they melt.

ice-cube-teeth_3162 ice-cube-teeth_3163 ice-cube-teeth__3338

It’s a gorgeous day here in LA today, perfect for sitting back with a nice, cold drink showing off a beautiful extra set of choppers. I’m mixing the Kool-Aid right now.


3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – “Frozen Smiles” Ice Cube Molds”

  1. Anna Raffaella

    I’m SO getting these for myself this Christmas.

    Actually, I was googling them and found your blog. So far I’m in love, keep up the great job! 😀