If it’s Eva Gabor it’s got to be good and this certainly lives up to all expectations! This incredibly cheaply made – one piece of elastic, two alligator clips and one plastic “decorative ring” – fashion strap “keeps your wig securely in place while your wig is being combed, brush or styled.” It looks like all you do is attach a clip to either side of your fake hair and tighten the noose around your neck by sliding the “decorative ring”. The final instruction, as if written for an idiot, is “comb or brush your wig into desired style.”


This product was made in 1972 for Eva Gabor International in Hong Kong and was sold at the May Company for $4. I’ve never worn a wig but I would’ve bought a case of these had I seen them at the time.

eva-gabor-chin-strap_0561 eva-gabor-chin-strap_0557 eva-gabor-chin-strap_0560

3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Eva Gabor’s Fix-A-Fashion Chin Strap”

  1. Windupkitty

    Oh wow. This is incredibly awesome. I’ve wanted to be Eva Gabor since childhood (who wouldn’t want to be,daaahhhhhling?)….I never wear wigs nice enough to necessitate a styling session, but if I did, I would want to use this, it would add glamour to any styling session….I actually even went to visit Zsa-Zsa when she was in jail in El Segundo, but couldn’t get in…..those women were/are just so cool…..

  2. Allee

    @Windupkitty – VERY impressed with the attempt to visit ZZ in jail, in El Segundo no less!

    So, to the best of your knowledge, this chinstrap was used to hold the wig on your head as it was being styled? That’s been the big debate of the day on my Facebook page where I reposted this.

  3. Kathy Cunningham

    “Dahling I love you, but give me Park Avenue”
    Even being held secure with this device, it would “flip my wig!”