This “Imperial Collection” of African American Christmas cards was a rarity in the 1950s, hard-to-find among the rows of their Caucasian counterparts on drugstore and card shop shelves. Other than the depictions of Black Santas and elegantly garbed Ebony Classic ladies, these cards are especially generic with greetings like “Taking time out to stop and say: “Hello there! And hi! Merry Christmas and a happy and bright New Year!”.

Made by Colortone Originals of Mount Vernon, New York, the set contains 16 “Selected Christmas Cards with Envelopes”. Eight unique designs (of which I only have six),  two cards of each.

christmas-cards-ebony-classics_5191 christmas-cards-ebony-classics_1941 christmas-cards-ebony-classics_5198 christmas-cards-ebony-classics_5195 christmas-card-ebony_5205

5 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Ebony Classics Christmas Cards”

  1. Kathy Cunningham

    Curtis & The Impressions said it best: “Amen!”
    I feel bad for the chick in front of the pot bellied stove. She’s gonna ruin her outfit with soot!

  2. Kim

    I cannot seem to find much information regarding the Color-Tone Original Christmas Cards. We have had someone donate several of these vintage Christmas cards to support our non-profit community after school program. We hope to auction them to support our scholarship fund, but have no idea of their value. If you have any information to share, we would appreciate it!

    • Allee

      I’m not really sure of the value. I collect African American greeting cards and these were considered very upscale.

  3. rose gore

    I have a box of 16 “Ebony classic Imperial Collection”, I enjoy pull these cards out during Christmas time. Just to know that my mother valued this collection and never mailed them out to friends and family. I love the spiritual relationship they share. I am 56 years old. I would like to know their value. Be Blessed!