Nothin’ tastier in the morning then to slip on a nice pair of bacon shoes and go about your day. As someone who loves the meaty stuff, this is the perfect way to avoid all that grease and and keep your feet looking crisp and scrumptious all day. I have bacon bandages, bacon scarves, designer bacon everything, but the printing is so cheap on most of it it just looks like pink and red wavy stripes. But on these Keds it actually looks like the real thing.


16 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Bacon Shoes”

  1. Benjamin

    Where can I buy this shoes? do you made them your-self? I’m really interesting on getting a pair if you could let me know how… thanks so much.

    • Allee

      Google “Bacon Shoes” and some will surely come up. i got these a few years ago but they’re still around somewhere.



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