There’s a block of Lankershim in North Hollywood, CA that’s littered – I use that word lovingly – with square brick buildings adorned with Greek and Roman plaster columns, gods and godesses split in half and glued against the buildings in attempts to make them look like ancient Greek and Roman temples. I love this kind of architecture, especially when most of the time they’re trying to make strip joints look classy and exotic. That’s the case here.


It’s next to another edifice of similar antiquity:


I love North Hollywood!

5 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Ancient Greece Comes To North Hollywood”

  1. Mooshe

    I am DEFINITELY going to a strip calling it “class entertainment” with a messy hand when using a red paintbrush around GODDESSES. Thumbs way up North Hollywood!

  2. Lisa

    With that big “K” on it, it looks more like where the Museum of Kitsch should be housed.

  3. Laura

    LOL. Thanks for posting. I moved out of lovely Studio City, after we sold our 700sq. foot 1930’s garden cottage with original Douglas Fir floors to a couple that tore it down and built a 3,000 sq. foot pinkish mini mansion, shaped like a concrete block but finely decorated with an ornate rod-iron balcony and a large fountain placed squarely in the drive way with a Greek goddess statue. 3 grown tress down… and 5 more cars in the driveway— I must say, the neighborhood does look different!

    • Allee

      If I wasn’t so crazy about vintage architecture I’d be excited that such kitsch graced Studio City. Fountains and Greek goddess statues…. what were they thinking?