World’s first “Chewy nutrition snack – you carry them… they carry you!” Developed for astronauts, Space Food Sticks went to the moon so a year later when Pillsbury knocked out jerky looking logs of chocolate, peanut butter, carmel and chocolate malt, earthlings sucked them up by the bushel full. This is the pamphlet and a hefty 10 cents off coupon towards this pre-Jolt, Red Bull “sustain the energy lift” space stuff.

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11 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – 1970 Space Food Sticks”

  1. jack

    I missed buying a vintage, full box of these a couple years ago, and I am still kicking myself for missing it. The price was a little steep, so I decided to wait since I didn’t think anybody but me was eccentric enough to buy three decade old food for such a high amount. I was hoping they would drop the price, but it didn’t happen. When I decided to finally buy it the item was gone. That would have looked great on one of my shelves. Oh, well, next time I won’t wait.

    • Allee

      I’m confident that with your unbelievable old food and packaging collection that Space Food Sticks will find their way into your life one day soon!

  2. Frankie

    I loved the chocolate ones! I’ve mentioned Space Food Sticks to a couple of folks who I thought would’ve remembered them from back in the day, and no one ever does. I am SO sending going to send them a link to this page!

    (And yes – Jello 1-2-3!)

  3. Amy

    They were the texture of extruded putty with flavor. I begged my mom to get them for our bag lunches and they were definitely a status symbol at the elementary school lunch table!