One of the main reasons I love Thanksgiving is that I get to pull out all my holiday themed dinnerware. Not that I cook or that my house is the one everyone comes over to but the turkey accessories in plain view still keep me psychologically tweaked for the season.

The gravy boat is missing its spoon but it doesn’t diminish the beauty of the lifelike bird:

The SA&P’s look like tiny hens.

All three items serve an important purpose, to assist in the taste of food, as opposed to this beautiful, lifelike yet useless inflatable turkey that sits in the center of the table every Thanksgiving as well.

The top also doesn’t also pop off the inflatable bird so you can fill it with tasty turkey gravy like the ceramic bird is purposed for.

I hope the nasal cavities of  anyone prepping their turkeys or any of its fixin’s today are filled with the same gravylicious smell that my overactive imagination is filling mine with right now as I gazed at my ceramic birds.

6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Turkey Gravy Boat and Salt & Pepper Shakers”

  1. Allee

    I only wish I had more of the turkeys so I could take you up on your idea. The pumpkins are nice too. I never used to take gravy boats seriously but now I’m on the hunt for more.

  2. Bee

    Do you happen to know the maker of your awesome gravy boat? I saw one on etsy a few moths ago and let it slip away and know I can’t get it out of my head. I’m on the hunt (this is how I found you)!


  3. ginger

    Can’t believe this, but I recently purchased this exact turkey gravy boat but mine has the original spoon/ladle!
    I have been trying to find out if it is vintage or not, and was surfing the web which led me to your fabulous blog!

    Do you have any idea how old these guys are by chance?

    • Allee

      I wish I knew how old they were as I’m for the most part a vintage only person. The set certainly looks vintage but as there are no marks on it it also looks to me like it could be a craft project from a mold. Either way I’m happy!

      Do you collect vintage objects?