What to do with gum when you’re done chewing it or have to get rid of it for whatever reason can be a bit of a muddle if you’ve already thrown the wrapper out, which most people do upon opening. Especially when it’s only a temporary landing and you may want to stick the chewable back in your mouth at a later, through hopefully soon, point. That’s where this Gum Shoe, a place to park your gum, is brilliant. Though I can’t say I really understand its construction as so little of the real estate is devoted to the concave surface upon which the gum is to be placed. Unless it’s for a lot of different people’s gum, in which case the heel and all surfaces of the base seem like prime resting spots as well. Though that seems so gross, a bunch of little germ mounds begging to be redeposited in the wrong mouths. So I just keep my Gum Shoe on the windowsill in my kitchen where it’s also home to rings and anything else that may need to be redeposited on my body once I leave the sink area.

3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Gum Shoe Gum Catcher”

  1. Sheryl Bryant

    Never seen one of these. I think they could be marketed to teachers of acting or singing to have their students park their gum on the way into class and retrieve it after class! I also like the play on words since detectives were once called “gum shoes” although I don’t recall why.

  2. margaret y.

    Allee, can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I read sad or disturbing things on the internet, and then I have to visit your blog to be cheered up again. The kitsch of the day never fails to make me smile, and today is no exception. Thanks.

  3. Allee

    Margaret- I love that Kitsch O’ The Day is the cure! It takes me a lot of time to get these things together and sometimes I feel like I could be crushed under the weight. But then it always makes me smile once I’m done so I’m glad to hear that it’s having a positive happy pill effect.