If I wanted anyone serenading me with Christmas carols it would be Elvis. This Christmas ornament of The King captures his 1950’s essence complete with slim body, pompadour and up-curled lip though some 1970’s puffiness is starting to invade his cheeks.

Hallmark did a nice job of capturing his ever-on-point foot to match his snarled lip:

I’m not sure what this Elvis is made of. He’s not quite plastic and not quite metal but is heavier than a normal Christmas ornament and has a nice secure screw in his head.

In case the buyer or recipient has no idea who Elvis was Hallmark has provided a nice explanation, borrowing a little from Frank Sinatra.

I hope you have a very Elvis holiday season with lots of fried chicken and peanut butter and banana sandwiches!

After too many peanut butter and banana sandwiches with bacon Elvis has left the building…

6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Elvis Presley Christmas Ornament”

  1. Marie

    Probably made out of resin, from how you described it. And, hey, Elvis DID do a well-received version of “My Way” in the Seventies 🙂

    • Allee

      I know he did “My Way” and it was classic. But it will forever be Sinatra’s song (tho I’d always vote for Elvis).

  2. Mary Lynn

    I’ve got a couple of different Elvis in his Gold Lame Nudie Suit ornaments on my Nudie Tree, as well as one of him in his “Lovin’ You” Nudie Suit . . . I also cherish my potholder from Graceland with the recipe for his peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I think he ate the bacon separately, or on the side, but who’s to argue with Wikipedia.

  3. Mary Lynn

    Thanks Allee — I’ll have to start uploading my treasures . . . The ornaments and potholder are kitsch of a rather recent vintage, as opposed to some of my more seasoned stuff.