Although I was always an Aquanet gal back in the day when I would let hairspray anywhere near my hair, THE ubiquitous brand of follicle gluiness was Breck. Breck ads were on the back covers of the biggest women’s magazines like Seventeen, Vogue, Glamour and Ladies Home Journal so you couldn’t miss them if you tried. Down to sponsoring America’s Junior Miss contests, Breck Girls were the epitome of femininity in an age of hairdos that looked like Jiffy Pop on steroids and bundt cakes stacked on top of otherwise normal shaped heads.


This is a can of special formula “Super Hold”. That means this spray could hold hair in place that defied gravity once a nights-full of pin curls, spoolies, sponge rollers and the scotch tape and toilet paper holding it all in place was removed. When I was 12, my hair was on “Super Hold” for my sister’s wedding.


When I was 14, I achieved a rather lumpy and narrow version of my favorite Breck do:


I never needed directions to spray my flips but Breck provided them in case anyone was new to the art of setting hair in cement:


Please refer to this Breck can if you want your hair to look like the parting of the Red Seas with a nice mountain view in back and two gulleys down below.


4 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – 1960’s Miss Breck Hair Spray”

  1. Brian Hamilton

    Piles of locks, layers of spray shellac. You could hide a Humvee in that helmet! My mom used to do her doo at the dinner table after we cleared away the dishes–out came the mirror, the can, and the brushes. When the can hissed, I would dart out the doorway for cover! No clear-coat in this little boy’s lungs.