Me and Lily are planning our trip to Detroit in April to see the first high school production of my musical, The Color Purple, at her high school, Cass, and my conducting the glee club and marching band at my high school, Mumford. We’re also going to be taking a lot of meetings to figure out something to do in Detroit together permanently.

Then out for stupendous fried chicken, yams, greens, mac & cheese, peach cobbler and brownie gooey cake at MP’s Soul Food in North Hollywood with RuPaul, Tom Star and Ben Bove:

Life is exceptionally sweet!

One Response to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Out with Lily Tomlin and RuPaul!”

  1. sam

    seeing you with lily tomlin – another person who, like you, changed and inspired me with your wonderful work – is pretty much overwhelming…it makes sense you would be friends even though i had never considered it. and it makes me wonder if you are in touch with david lasley – another huge influence and love of mine (i met him once, when he was in denver with jt, have spoken with him on the phone several times, and now have lost touch)…i am so happy your website exists! (and i will, eventually, send you photos of my personal kitsch, and not just a harvey wallbanger cake…)