My time to pay as much attention to my Kitsch O’ The Day blog as I am want to do has dwindled lately because I’ve done what I never thought I would have the guts to do: give live performing a try again after marching off stage in the middle of a song in 1974 and proceed to walk right out of the building, never to return again. Or so I thought… On October 18 I’m going to give the whole thing a go again. As such, I was most ecstatic to stumble on this in the Los Angeles Times, especially as I haven’t really even publicized the show yet, which means they stumbled on it on their own.

If you’re going to be in LA on October 18, come to the El Portal Theater. Leave plenty of room in the aisles as you never know who’s going to be jumping off of the stage. Although I hope that almost 40 years has matured me somewhat and that all my years as a party thrower pay off in this, my about-to-be-most-recent incarnation.

2 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – My “Soup To Nuts Party Mix” Live Show Chosen as a Top Pick by The Los Angels Times!”

  1. sam

    if there is any way i can be there, i will (with saran wrapped harvey wallbanger cake in hand)…it would be a dream for me to be in the same room with you, let alone see you perform live. in the meantime, if i start submitting to the museum of kitsch, i hope you have time to review my stunning (at least in my own mind) contributions…i just need a few spare minutes to get it all submitted. and i have no doubt you and your show will be fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

    • Allee

      Well, thank you so much! And I most certainly hope you post those stunning contributions at AWMOK.com too, starting with that cake.