Well, it’s the last place I ever expected to be the day before confronting the biggest professional fear in in my career, but here I am at 7:30 am. at the knee surgeons. Yesterday afternoon I tripped on a super huge keyboard cable that shouldn’t have been lying where it was while rehearsing with Chris Price, my keyboard player, and neutroned myself flat on the floor like a slab of steel, knees, face and hands crushed with the full force of my body which thankfully had gone on a diet a couple of weeks ago so at least the blow was softened by a few less pounds. When my “Neutron Dance” collaborator, Danny Sembello, came over to rehearse that song and “Stir It Up”,  all had to huddle around me as doctor’s orders over the phone was to stay off my legs as much as possible. Which should make for a very interesting show tomorrow night…

Thankfully, hand therapist Martha Paterson was on her way over to my house to give me a little boost before the show, so that took some of the sting out of my aching neck, lower back, knees and hands.

Always the trooper, we continued the rehearsal while all my nerve endings were being stimulated.

Then, at 7 AM. this morning the ever faithful Prudence Fenton, a.k.a. Snappy P., picked me up and schlepped me to the knee doctor.

With everything on my plate to do today, having Dr. Lee  probe my meniscus and all the other lumps you  can see here wasn’t one of them.

Thanks also to Dawn Smith, who came over late last night to massage the woe out of my about-to-go-on-stage-for-the-first-time-in 37-years body.  I forgot to take photos of that.  Today should be a very interesting day…

3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Down On My Knees Before Soup To Nuts”

  1. sally

    oh allee . . . unbelievable . . . not your KNEE . . . not now . . . you CAN DO this, you KNOW you can . . . even from a seated position . . . i’ll be watching for reviews . . . hang in there kid and continue being imaginative. this is just another great opportunity to be creative and look at things from another perspective. i KNOW you can do this. love you! .sb

  2. Sheryl Bryant Mackey

    Allee, if you need to postpone, please do it. Rescheduling happens and the world doesn’t end. Performing while injured is not worth the risk in my opinion. It will be just as great an achievement in two or three months and much more fun for you and your audience if you are not in pain. Just had to share my thoughts…

  3. Sheryl Bryant Mackey

    Now I am regretting expressing my thoughts. Only you know what is best and what your body can do. If you can simplify and do it without more injury, have a great show!