On April 7 I was the closing keynote speaker at the Rust Belt To Arts Belt III conference in Detroit. Every year the conference takes place in a different city that’s faced with the task of reinventing itself in the ongoing transition from the Industrial Age into the Digital Age and beyond. Loving Detroit and having been in the heat of designing communities since the dawn of the commercial Internet in 1991, I wax on about all this in my speech.

I didn’t do any kind of visual presentation so showing a video of me moving my mouth for a half an hour isn’t going to cut the cake. It would be far more interesting to watch me moving my mouth cutting another foodstuff:

But seeing as I have no hot dog footage, here’s a link to the speech.  I’m very proud of it.  And mean every word I say.


3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Allee Willis Marches on Detroit! Part 12, My Speech”

  1. Bill Dickens

    Before I heard the speech, I really had no idea who Allee is, but when I heard it I knew and ended up screaming Bravo!

    Allee surpasses Picasso, and Warhol, and you name the songwriter. She is fantastic and this is my homework assignment for my Daughter Megan.

    It magnificently represents a wonderful creative soul and I’m so proud that she’s from Detroit and loves Detroit. I just wish that I knew about her earlier because I know that we could have saved Mumford from the ghastly stupidity of being torn down but the nutcase EFM. Too much demolition in Detroit. Allee could have gotten people to see that.

    Words fail at bringing her proper accolades.

    She is beyond great!

    And I wanted to get a Mumford hoodie because of her.

    Thank you Allee…

    Woops I just burped from eating a hamburger at Telway.


    Detroit needs you.