I must admit that contrary to my normal habits, I didn’t do much consumption of food at the Fluff Festival this past weekend in Somerville, MA.  I was too busy sweating like a little piglet, as I’m sure you can see from the back of my hat hair.

But food concocted with Fluff was there aplenty:

I especially liked this Fluff injected chess set:

I never learned how to play Chess so the accuracy or lack of it is of no consequence to me.

There were at least twenty Fluff-filled foods submitted. I meant to get an overall shot of the table so all the food was represented here but my brain was too sweat-filled to think. The only thing I really tasted was the Fluffy chicken, mainly because if there was a recipe that combined Fluff with chicken I wanted it. I must say it was very tasty and delivered quite a kick.

Of course, Fluffernutter’s were definitely well represented:

Fluff filled trophies were given to the winners.

aKitschionado Rusty Blazenhoff documented me sampling them:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who won as I was too busy mopping myself off in the darkness of the tiny VIP room, which was thankfully air-conditioned and had a watercooler. My hat was slathered with about twenty coats of Liquitex acrylic and it was like having your head topped off with a sauna.

I also did a lot of sitting around outside trying to drip dry while Booty Vortex played.

I have to say that funk cover bands usually drive me nuts but these guys were the joint.

I conducted them playing many a rendition of “September”, the official Fluff song this year.

Oops, am at Logan airport and they just called my flight for boarding. More Fluffiness tomorrow…

5 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch ‘O The Day – Fluff Food”

  1. Razberries

    I still have to upload my pics from the festival to FB. There is one in particular that just stuck out in my mind. Being a vendor, I didn’t get to venture much around and see all of the awesome treats that you took pics of (the free truffles from the Holiday Inn I got to sample were awesome), but there must’ve been a “Fluff Test Kitchen” of some sort. I approached a table that had a piece of bread, a MEATBALL, a random canned green bean, and a dollop of Fluff on it. I of course, took a picture, as that is just all sorts of wrong!

    • Allee

      I missed that one completely. A meatball and a random canned bean with a dollop of Fluff on it would have been my favorite. I really only walked up and down the street one and a half times. I stayed pretty near the grandstand, running inside to get some air conditioning whenever I could. Make sure and post that photo, and as many other ones as you want, at AWMOK.com too. You know we love our Fluff there.

  2. Booty Vortex

    It was a great honor for Booty Vortex to play “September” for you at Fluff Fest! Thanks for conducting us – glad we did not disappoint!