I have quite a collection of large framed vintage mosaic pieces and this massive 19″ x 33″ poodle is unquestionably one of the best in breed. First of all, with all of his gaps and glue blobs he’s obviously someone’s crafts project:

I also like all his bulbous tufts of fur:

I do wish he had little pink or red fingernails on his paws though. One splash of accent color always helps a visual.

I have a lot of other large framed mosaics, among them this homage to the World Of The Future that’s mounted on one side of my bedroom dresser:

Then there’s this homemade homage to orange tones that I use as a table top:

I used to use this hulking 20″ x 60″ blue and gold tile piece as a table top but I like it better sunken into the face of the counter that’s built over the foundation of my house downstairs in the rec room:

There’s also this fantastic bar tableau:

It’s the front of a homemade (not by me) bar I found for $5 at a thrift shop about 10 years ago.

There’s also this 9″ x 24″ musical instruments mosaic that hangs in my recording studio:

All beautiful, though it’s hard to compete with the personality of a well groomed poodle.

Especially this one that greets anyone who walks into my kitchen:

Though she’s a little smudged, this early 70’s bottle of Avon Miss Lollypop Cologne Mist still smells as good as she did back in the day. Which wasn’t very good but very unmistakably Avon. Which, if you’re a collector, is very good.

Though she’s missing her little plastic spritzer thing, I did douse myself with Miss Lollypop once using the spritzer thing from a can of spray paint. Although I might have gotten a little Krylon Totally Tangerine in the mix, that was enough to let me know that the rest of Miss Lollypop will remain forever in the bottle as I don’t want to walk around attracting raccoons or smelling like a just sprayed piece of furniture.

I do love her her stylish hat…

… and pert little expression.

Avon used the same face for their Cherry Lip Pop.

FYI, I grabbed that last photo off Ebay so I’m not responsible for the grunge-that-should-go-where-no-lip-has-gone around the bottom of the tube.

Miss Lollypop might have originally come with a little rick rack choker judging from another photo of her I found online. Then again, some Avon smelling person may have loved her so much that they just made some jewelry for her.

Miss Lollypop is loaded with 3 Fl.oz of pink, pretty fun. If I knew I would feel as happy and confidant as she looks I would spray some on right now.

This is the kind of product I love finding in dollar stores. So generically named it’s pathetic, a label that’s crooked and not quite centered and a product that looks more like mouthwash than after shave. Not that I have any use for MACHO Sports Scent but I feel an obligation as Minister of Kitsch to pick these things up when I see them.

I love the description on the back:

If I were the manufacturer I don’t think I’d be encouraging anyone to use this as “invigorating refreshment”. And, “Specially formulated with a classic masculine scent” could go either way… masculine after the gym, masculine after sex, masculine pre-sex… Exactly masculine when?

I did muster up the stuff take a whiff of MACHO. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like sweat, which is what I was most expecting a “sport scent” to smell like. It does, however, smell like it’s been sitting around in a bathroom cabinet since the 1960s. Which is exactly what a kitsch lover wants from a brilliant dollar store toiletry product such as MACHO.