I love Jell-O! I love all colors. I love it plain or with things floating inside except when people suspend stuff like little sprigs of broccoli or carrots in it that interrupt the smooth chew. I especially love Jell-O when it comes from a little individual mold. This vintage set of six is the real deal made by the Jell-O company itself. Made of aluminum, the all-ruling metal of the 1950’s, the scalloped sides make for an impressive sculptural mound of Jell-O but I wish the Jell-O name on the bottom (or top depending on which way you look at it) was embossed on the inside as opposed to the outside so that the brand name was gouged into the mound when it popped out. I know I’m not the only one who would eat around everything and leave the Jell-O logo until last. 

I’ve actually made Jell-O birthday cakes using these molds by pouring different colors of the gelatinous stuff into each cup and unloading them around a giant peak of whipped cream with shredded coconut scaling down the sides. They look like futuristic condominiums surrounding a snow-covered volcano.

jello-molds_4937 jello-molds_0513 jello-molds_4939 jello-molds_4943 jello-molds_4945 jello-molds_4930 jello-molds_4936