Pre-Memorial Day Karaoke

May 31, 2019

Pre-Memorial Day Karaoke with Stephanie Miller Show, Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, and Lesley Ann Warren at Stephanie’s and Jody Hamilton’s party.


More from Tuesday night’s Season 3 premiere of Pamela Adlon’s FX show Better Things

February 28, 2019

More from Tuesday night’s Season 3 premiere of Pamela Adlon’s FX show Better Things. First photo’s with Prudence Fenton and our great friends, Monica and Phil Rosenthal. Phil was the creator, writer, and executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond and Monica played Amy, Robert Barone a.k.a. Brad Garrett’s on again-off again girlfriend on Raymond. Phil’s also been instrumental in Pamela’s TV career, including coaching her on making this season of Better Things. which is BRILLIANT. And if you haven’t caught Phil’s PBS show I’ll have what Phil’s having, it’s one of the warmest, funniest and most charming food-themed shows ever. Second photo is me and Diva Zappa holding our name cards for photographers as we are about to alight the red carpet.


Last night at the premiere of Season 3 of Better Things

February 27, 2019

Last night at the premiere of Season 3 of Better Things, Pamela Adlon’s BRILLIANT show on FX that she writes, directs and stars in and has been Emmy-nominated twice for as Best Actress In A Comedy. We’ve been incredible friends for 35 years, even before she started schlepping paint cans behind me as my art assistant in the late 80’s. Also here Alysia Reiner, who was one of the only cast members of Orange Is the New Black who wasn’t at the opening of my musical, The Color Purple Musical, when it reopened on Broadway in 2015, featuring my fave Danielle Brooks a.k.a. Tastee on OITNB starring as Sofia. I really wanted to meet Alysia as her portrayal of Assistant Warden Natalie “Fig” Figueroa was insanity inspired. So I was thrilled when I got on the plane back to LA a few days later and there she was seated directly in front of me. We became friends and I’m so happy I have an in with the warden now! Alysia also plays Sunny on Better Things. Me and the lovely Prudence Fenton fill out the photo. I can’t even tell you how UNBELIEVABLE season 3 of Better Things is. Reviews have been staggering. It starts tomorrow night, Thursday, so set your devices now!


she is the music

She Is The Music songwriting camp held here at Willis Wonderland

February 13, 2019

Just spent 3 fabulous days with these 20 brilliant female songwriters, producers and engineers who participated in Universal Music Publishing Group‘s She Is The Music songwriting camp held here at Willis Wonderland. We broke off into 3 different groups each day, all writing for the incredible Lauren Jauregui, who was also in attendance and writing away with us. She has a killer voice, is way wise beyond her 22 years, and was amazingly fun to work with. Her exceptional talent was exceeded only by the blue of her teeth from a Ring Pop that lived on the whole way through. This was creativity in its greatest and rawest form for me. An incredible mix of talent, intensity, camaraderie, and a whole lot of laughing and fun. The ladies have arrived! #SheIsTheMusic


allee willis

Soul Radio USA brings you an exclusive Interview with Allee Willis

January 14, 2019

Soul Radio USA brings you an exclusive Interview with Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award winning One Woman creative Think-Tank and Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Composer, Songwriter and above all else Major Party Gurl Ms Allee Willis
Broadcast commences 2pm PST 5pm EST and 10pm GMT
Here are all the Important links


allee with lr

Girls night with (L-R) Prudence Fenton, Pamela Adlon, Pam’s mom Marina, me, and Diva Zappa

January 11, 2019

Girls night with (L-R) Prudence FentonPamela Adlon, Pam’s mom Marina, me, and Diva Zappa. I’ve known two of these gals since they were teenagers – Pam, now a brilliant two-time Emmy Best Actress in a Comedy nominee, not to mention my favorite animated voice of all time, Bobby Hill on King Of The Hill, was 17 when she was my art assistant when I was doing a ton of music videos in the late 80’s. And Diva was the baby Zappa when I camped out at the Zappa abode for many a year starting in the 90’s on. Lots of cheese consumed.