I have my rituals when I go to Detroit

May 7, 2019

I have my rituals when I go to Detroit – certain places I hit each and every trip even if they are only weeks apart. The place I hit the most – multiple times a trip, so often I’m painted on the outside of the restaurant with my favorite sandwich in the world, the Boogaloo Wonderland, and my second hit, “Boogie Wonderland,” – is Chef Greg’s SOUL “N” The Wall, where I throw a little party of whoever I’m meeting with that trip and where we all gobble our heads off eating my favorite soul food of all time. This was a very short trip so whereas I needed to throw about five of these there was only time for one. And there’s only room for 12 people at the one table. Chef Greg’s is situated right on the alley I walked down to get to my high school, Mumford High School, every day for four years. So I’m elated to be looking over it now. As always, one of my favorite features of the restaurant, to the right of me on the wall outside, is how the air-conditioner is incorporated into the mural as a table at a family barbecue. The last photo only features half of the food but spotlights the ever present Kool-Aid.