With Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans

February 5, 2019

LOVED being in New Orleans with Preservation Hall Jazz Band writing and recording as many songs as we possibly could stuff into four days. If you’re not familiar with this historic band, and it seems most people ARE, google them as fast as you can. Truly loved everyone in the band. Ben Jaffe is a seriously gracious leader and host, the guys are funny and friendly, they are all brilliant musicians, and there’s thankfully much more writing, recording and trips to come. Also, although I have lonnnng cited New Orleans as one of my Top 3 favorite cities (Detroit and LA holding down the other 2 spots) this was my first time in New Orleans ever. I went as insane over the city as I always suspected I would! I’ll be posting a bunch more shots over the next few weeks but just to get it going here you go: