Prince’s advice to his personal DJ: always end your sets with “September“.

September 9, 2019

Thank you, Prince and Stevie Wonder!! In the (happily, gratefully) never-ending saga of the special life of my song, “September,“ in this issue of the New Yorker in a story about Prince, he tells his personal DJ, Purple Pam, to always end her sets with “September“. It’s true that Prince was a massive Earth, Wind & Fire fan. He hung around their office in the late 70’s all the time while we were working on I Am, the EWF album I co-wrote all but two songs on. The first time I ever heard the album sequenced, a beyond overwhelming experience for a starving songwriter on food stamps, Prince sat in Maurice White’s office with me to hear it. AND, just as wild in the “September” love department, Stevie Wonder opened his world tour this year walking out to it every night. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes! There was always mutual love between Stevie and EWF and this was quite the way to show it!