New writing collaboration at Willis Wonderland with BIG SEAN!

October 11, 2019

OK, I am VERY excited about this new writing collaboration goin’ on here at Willis Wonderland! BIG SEAN is a rapper, singer, songwriter I’ve loved and admired since I heard his mixtape in 2011. The fact that he’s from Detroit and cares and shows his love for the city constantly was always an added bonus. We finally met in Detroit a couple weeks ago at Motown 60 and now back in LA it’s been fun and games and INSANELY GREAT MUSIC ever since. Been plowing through the last few days and we pick up again on Monday to begin yet another one. As witnessed in a couple of these pics, our soul sustenance is Detroit’s finest, Vernors Soda for BIG SEAN and Faygo Red Pop for me. Cannot wait for everyone to hear what we’re doing! There’s so much freedom for me writing this genre of songs and I am as thrilled doing it as I was when I first started writing songs in my 20’s. MUCH more to come!