Girls night with (L-R) Prudence Fenton, Pamela Adlon, Pam’s mom Marina, me, and Diva Zappa

January 11, 2019

Girls night with (L-R) Prudence FentonPamela Adlon, Pam’s mom Marina, me, and Diva Zappa. I’ve known two of these gals since they were teenagers – Pam, now a brilliant two-time Emmy Best Actress in a Comedy nominee, not to mention my favorite animated voice of all time, Bobby Hill on King Of The Hill, was 17 when she was my art assistant when I was doing a ton of music videos in the late 80’s. And Diva was the baby Zappa when I camped out at the Zappa abode for many a year starting in the 90’s on. Lots of cheese consumed.