About a month ago, I was shown some products designed to improve the sex lives of suburban housewives…To look at me you’d never suspect I was a semi-nonorgasmic woman. This means it was possible for me to have an orgasm – but highly unlikely. To me, the term “sexual freedom” meant freedom from having to have sex. And then along came Good Vibrations. And was I surprised. Now I am a regular Cat On A hot Tin Roof… But please, this is no threat to the family unit; Think of it as a kind of Hamburger Helper for the boudoir…. Why, the time it saves alone is worth the price. I’d rank it right up there with Minute Rice, Reddi-Wip and Pop-Tarts. Ladies, it can be a real help to the busy married woman who has a thousand chores and simply does not need the extra burden of trying to have an orgasm. But what about guilt, you say? Well, that thought did cross my mind. But at one time I felt guilty using a cake mix instead of starting from scratch. I learned to live with thatI can learn to live with this.