OJ Trial of the Century Chess Set
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The OJ Trial of the Century Chess set- with all the players! Justice is not about truth or right or wrong- it is a GAME! A cast of characters in this one of a kind board game includes all the media personalities who covered the trial, as well as the attorneys, cops and witnesses who gave the world an insightful look at the American Justice System. F.Lee Bailey hold a bottle of booze while LAPD detective Mark Furhman holds a bloody glove! Created by “Cop to Call Girl” author and artist Norma Jean Almodovar during the trial which ran concurrent to Heidi Fleiss’ trial in 1995.

What Allee has to say about this:
So out there it’s FANTASTIC!! And you made it yourself which, of course, makes it even better. Really really really really really spectacular example of Kitsch. Kudos!!