Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Maze Candy
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These candies were released by Fleer in the early 80s. In order to get the candy out you peeled back the opening at the bottom and had to navigate the candy through the maze. I used to get these at a variety store near my house when I was young. As you can see the candy is still in these two, but they have started to develop brown spots from their age. I also have a Christmas themed version of the maze candy that I will probably post at a later date. So far I haven’t had luck tracking down the Halloween version though.

What Allee has to say about this:
Special candy products seem to accompany crazes in Pop Culture as frequently as shoelaces accompany shoes. I was just starting to have hit records when video games hit big. I appreciated them but never had the patience to play them on the machines that started jamming the lobbies of every recording studio in town. But I remember buying some of the Pac-Man candy. Far too impatient to weave the candy through the maze I just stuck a pencil through the plastic where they all were housed and dumped the lot into my mouth. One gulp and I never touched them again.