Keynote Speaker, "Interactive Multi Media And Hollywood", with Andy Grove, CEO, Intel/ John Sculley, CEO, Apple/ James Cannavino, CEO, IBM / Lucy Fjelstad /Fox, Digital World conference (June 23, 1992, Los Angeles).


Speaker before the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property, U.S. House of Representatives, "The Artists' Position on the Online Copyright Limitation Liability Act and WIPO Copyright Treaties Implementation Act", (September 16, 1997, Washington D.C.)

Panel - "Indie Success: Caching in on Collaboration", SXSW (March 15, 2011, Austin, TX)

Panelist with Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner and Shelley Duval, "Creative Thought Process/New Artists For New Mediums", Seybold Seminars' Digital World conference (June 23-25, 1992, Los Angeles).

Panel -  Roundtable Chat: Music in Film, TV and New Media '09, Don't Knock The Rock Film And Music Festival, (August 1, 2009, Los Angeles, CA.)

Blue Ribbon Panel judge - Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - Fiction and Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media � Nonfiction,  Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Interactive Media Peer Group, August, 2008, Los Angeles, CA.

Speaker, "New Environments And Self Expression In Cyberspace - Spread The Cheese...Here Comes willisville!", The TED Conference, (September 26, 1997, New York City). 

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Keynote Speaker, Leadership Panel, Allee Willis, Sid Sheinberg, President, MCA Inc., Jeff Berg, Chairman & CEO, ICM, Digital World, (June 6, 1994, Los Angeles, CA)

Panel chair, "Think Beyond What Exists Now If You Want To Start The Revolution - Inventing A New Pop Culture Mass Medium Of Entertainment And Communiction", Women In Film, (June 15, 1994, Los Angeles, CA

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Panelist, "Women In Technology", The American Film Institute (October 9.1993, Los Angeles)

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Speaker, "Entertainment Artists Roundtable" with Dr. Timothy Leary, Home Media Expo (March 3-5, 1993, Los Angeles).

Judge, McGraw-Hill Multimedia Expo '93, "Innovation in Multimedia Interfaces and Navigation", McGraw Hill (January 27-28, 1993, New York).

Speaker, "Hollywood, Artists and the Indigo", Silicon Graphics International software conference (November 2-5, 1992, Boulder, Colorado).