Seems like there are hundreds of photos circulating on the Internet from my party Monday night where, among a zillion other things, Verdine White and Larry Dunn of of Earth Wind & Fire performed in a parking lot for anyone who wanted to sing my EWF hits, “September” and “Boogie Wonderland”. The Grand Opening Party #2 at Ghettogloss for The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch at also featured a Thrift Shop Art auction, a raffle to win a personally-conducted-by-me tour of Willis Wonderland and massive amounts of gourmet Street and standard faire junk food to keep the minds of the 400 attendees tweaked to Kitsch perfection.

I usually go through the photos and pick out the 20 or so best ones but I loved the fantastic mix of people and ages so as long as it was in focus it’s here. People keep sending me new photos everyday so I very likely may be adding to these.