have many songwriting idols but none sits so high atop the throne as Lamont Dozier, the music end of the insanely successful Motown writing triumvirate, Holland-Dozier-Holland. Never have I been more influenced by melodies, rhythms, lyrics, and chords as with the hundreds of hits these guys churned out in the golden years of Motown.

I first wrote with Lamont with Holly Palmer, my Bubbles & Cheesecake partner,in 2000. I love writing with Lamont because as soon as his fingers hit the keys you hear the textural richness of Motown. It’s always compulsively uplifting and joyous. He’s also an incredibly nice guy, which makes each meeting with him better than the last. Having Lamont on “The D”, a man whose work is so much of the reason I’m so proud to be from Detroit, was truly a Supreme honor.

To learn more about “The D”, the record, video, and feature length documentary go here.