I used to be an avid collector of vintage cars.  Mostly orphans, like my 1955 Studebaker Commander and ’55 DeSoto Fireflyte that I still own although they’ve spent recent years sitting on blocks waiting for mommy to amass the coins to restore them. Point being that my outrageous lust for vintage cars was limited to post 1950 models. But as soon as they popped me into the Model T parked out in front of the plant where Henry Ford designed and built his very first car in 1908 my love of cars expanded to earlier decades. And once I got inside the plant and took a tour of the vehicles inside my head almost split open from my brain bouncing about so from the exceptionally sugar-pumped automotive eye candy. It was incredible having a sing-along in the midst of such wheeled brilliance, especially knowing that Henry Ford himself danced with excitement on the very floorboards we were standing on as he designed his first engine and drawings for the Model T chassis, all of which were mere feet from where we were singing.

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