The Detroit Historical Society is a place I used to constantly go to as a kid so I have very fond memories of it. This past July I was elated when my portrait and some of my personal artifacts were featured in an exhibit there spotlighting the Heart Soul Detroit book I’m in written by Jenny Risher and featuring 50 iconic Detroiters.

I was totally blown away at the restoration of the Historical Society. The 1927 Streamline building was always beautiful on the outside and now it has a matching inside. And I can’t thank CEO Robert Bury enough for the most generous hospitality he and the DHS showed us while we were in Detroit doing these sing-alongs. Not only did we have one of my favorite song fests and Soul Train lines there but I got to squish my hands in cement so I am now forever immortalized in my hometown!

To learn more about “The D”, the record, video, and feature length documentary go here.