I don’t even know where to begin here as Chef Greg cooks THE BEST soul food I’ve ever eaten. And trust me, look at my music credits, I know my soul food!

On April 19, 2012, I was on my way to perform a greatest hits concert at Mumford High, my high school in Detroit. I couldn’t help but notice two astounding murals painted on the side of a building that bordered the alley down the street from the school that I used to ride my bike down everyday as a kid and pulled up on the sidewalk at Curtis and Wyoming to get some shots. As I pointed my camera at an amazing portrait of the chef, Chef Greg himself ran out and said we should take a photo of the real thing. Which is what I did when luck intervened and he recognized me from a photo he had recently seen of Earth, Wind & Fire, for whom I co-wrote songs like”September“. “Boogie Wonderland” and “In The Stone“.

In the few short minutes we spent together we bonded like glue, and I invited Chef Greg to the concert down the block at the school. To reciprocate, me, Laura Grover and Mark Blackwell, who I work with, Detroit architect Michael Poris, and my best friend from high school, Sherry Stewart, and her husband Danny, went to eat at the restaurant that weekend. DON’T EVEN ASK ME HOW ASTOUNDING CHEF GREG’S FOOD IS! If i lived in Detroit I would move back to my old neighborhood so I could eat there everyday.