On April 15, 2012 I went home to Detroit for one of the greatest weeks of my life. Not only did I host a greatest hits concert with students performing my biggest songs at my high school, Mumford, with the wrecking ball poised to crush the historic Deco behemoth within months, but I also hosted five performances of my musical, The Color Purple, at my father’s high school, got my own dot in the historic Heidelberg Project, received a Spirit of Detroit Award from the City Council, got honored at St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church, and even discovered my favorite sandwich ever at a restaurant In my old neighborhood that I’m obsessed with bringing to world fame. Not to mention the hundreds of Detroiters, the most spirited city population in the world, who I met.

I’m coming back soon to spread word of that sandwich and to record a new Detroit song with as many Detroiters as I can stuff into the grooves to break the Guiness Book Of World Records for most people ever on a recording. But for now, please enjoy the week of April 15-22, 2012 as it played out in my lifeā€¦